H.M Ryochi Co., Ltd.

Business Activity

Operate documentation of exported used cars

H.M Ryochi Co., Ltd. is the company appointed by PEKEMA (Malaysian Car Importers Association) to verify the certification of every used car to be exported to Malaysia from Japan that is meet with the condition according to the importation rules and law of Malaysia.

Each used car to be exported to Malaysia required The Registration of Meter Certificate Preservation Record (RMCPR) issued by MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan). We verify the contents, and translate into English version for each car.

PEKEMA administrate car being imported and local car dealers using RMCPR which is confirmed and translated by H.M Ryochi Co., Ltd.

Our mission is to help that every used car to be imported and exported smoothly between Malaysia and Japan car exporter based on our company and close coordination with PEKEMA.


PEKEMA http://www.pekema.org.my




中古車輸出会社 検査を申請
●当社 登録事項等証明書を申請、取得国土交通省
●当社 登録事項等証明書の検査
●当社 翻訳
●当社 送付中古車輸出会社


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